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About us
Last update 08/01/2018
About us  

FORESTEP is your best choice to own the best quality in best price.

Forestep company has founded in 2004 with 10Years experience in computer trading, and maintenance , gaining good reputation in market.


Our policies always focus on importing high quality computer parts and components, from Korea , Taiwan , Malay, and some other high quality Chinese products.

We started our line with the Korian Brand :/PLUSDECK/ a device to convert normal Cassette into MP3 files, Forestep was the exclusive dealer for this product.

Later in 2006 Forestep was the exclusive dealer for Taiwanese top quality Zeppelin Memory Modules .

In 2008 the company has the authority to distribute the international Brand /OVER/, which is a professional new brand for computer components, accessories, and graphic cards.

Jeway Brand has become the new comer brand to Forestep in 2012, after joining exclusive brands the company has.

The company imports , in general , are focused on the following items:

1-      Memory modules:

Variety and wide range of Memory modules, give the company a specialty in market, as always, all types and qualities of RAM Memories are available, starting from Zeppelin the high quality modules, which supported with the full two years warranty, till including other brands as:

Over – Smart – Levon which have one year warranty.



Zeppelin is distinguished by , annual big trade-discount , and the advertizing and marketing support from the origin company, and our company divides the discounts according to their annual purchases.


2-      Graphic Cards:

Focusing on display and it’s priority these days, our company import wide variety of PCI-E & AGP graphic cards starting from 256MB up to 4096MB.

These main brands are available, and all are guaranteed for full one year.


3-      Laptop Parts:

Supporting market with most useful components and replacement parts for Laptop, was and still the line that company were leader in it,

Always available: DVD-ROM Drives, Original Adapters, Copy Adapters, Display Screens, Batteries, and Accessories.

4-      PC Accessories, and Cables:

A step toward Perfection, the company also imports the PC accessories and cables trying to fill any gap could be with the market needs.

Our accessories are market by the Brands: Jeway & Elvision, in addition to some brands like Hoyome

Looking always for supplying market and wholesalers, with the highest quality as far as the best prices, Forestep never waste a chance caring about every step that strengthens its reliability, like:

Protecting prices, superior care about warranty, and direct replacement of guaranteed pieces. As there is a special section to do all tests, and is prepared with the best equipments, tools, and programs for experimentation of the imported goods.

Special Customers are on sight of Forestep, and special care is promise and company award annual discounts relating to the total purchasing of the client.

FORESTEP communicates with most international exhibitions such as:

GITEX DUBAI exhibition


CANTON FAIR exhibition


FORESTEP warmly welcomes your cooperation and contacting us, so together can achieve the better future

FORESTEP is your best choice to own the best quality in best price.